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disability awareness month

Celebrate Disability Awareness Month with Mylo Speech Therapy

Let’s look into the significance of celebrating Disability Awareness Month in July and how it has paved the way for ongoing efforts where everyone can thrive.

To champion the rights of persons with disabilities and to highlight the importance of their inclusion, the Philippines observes a dedicated week every July for disability prevention and rehabilitation. In this article, let’s look into the significance of celebrating Disability Awareness Month in July and how it has paved the way for ongoing efforts to create a society where everyone can thrive.

Spotlighting Children with Communication Disorders for Disability Awareness Month

disability awareness month

July is the perfect time to celebrate the achievements of PWDs, especially children like Tobi, who have faced communication challenges.

Tobi was diagnosed with Receptive and Expressive Language Delay at the age of three. Despite initial setbacks, Tobi thrived with the help of occupational and speech therapy. By the age of four, he was already speaking in sentences. 

We can help children with communication disabilities reach their full potential through early intervention, access to appropriate support, and unwavering support from their parents.

“Empowering children with disabilities and their parents or carers is one of the best ways to improve the protection and fulfillment of their rights, including access to basic services,” said Rafael de Bustamante of the European Union to the Philippines for the NDPR celebration in 2021. “The rights of the child form part of our national human rights priorities.”

Why We Celebrate Disability Awareness Month in July

disability awareness month

National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week (NDPR) is rooted in Proclamation No. 1870, issued in 1979, which declared the third week of July to raise awareness about disability. The week honors Apolinario Mabini, a national hero who overcame his disability to play a crucial role in the Philippine Revolution. 

In this vain, Disability Awareness Month in July emphasizes several core values, such as:

  • The right of PWDs to make their own choices and live independently
  • Recognizing their inherent worth
  • Supporting equal access to employment
  • Empower PWDs to participate fully in society

The NDPR observance has evolved since then, with changing themes that reflect the growing focus on empowerment and equal opportunities for PWDs in the country.

Join Mylo in Advocating for Disability Awareness in the Philippines

disability awareness month

Mylo Speech Therapy believes that advocating for disability awareness is vital in improving society for all. Given the prevalence of speech delay among children with autism, Mylo app is among the numerous advocacy-driven efforts that aim to improve the quality of life for persons with disability. This initiative is motivated by the hope of changing societal attitudes and challenging discrimination. 
Understanding what are autism spectrum disorders is crucial for addressing the specific needs of children with autism. Empower your child by partnering with Mylo Speech Buddy. Mylo is not a replacement for professional speech therapists but a supplementary tool. Our mission is to aid children’s journey toward overcoming communication disorders like speech delay. Discover how to treat speech delay and how speech therapy help autism by exploring Mylo here.