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What Autism Awareness Month

Celebrating Neurodiversity: The History and Significance of Autism Acceptance Month

Awareness versus acceptance. That’s what Autism Awareness Month is trying to educate us. Autism Acceptance Month is celebrated annually in April.

What Autism awareness month is all about? Autism Acceptance Month, observed every April, is more than a campaign—it’s a call for inclusivity and understanding. It’s a time when we turn awareness into action, fostering an environment where acceptance is not just an ideal, but a reality. The shift from ‘awareness’ to ‘acceptance’ in 2021, championed by The Autism Society of America, marks a pivotal step towards honoring the unique experiences and contributions of individuals on the autism spectrum.

In this article, we will briefly talk about the importance of this change in title, what autism spectrum disorders are, and how all of us can participate in this acceptance campaign.

What Autism Awareness Month Is All About

What Autism Awareness Month

The importance of acceptance and understanding

In every group of a hundred children, one will be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It’s a near certainty that we’ll encounter individuals with ASD throughout our lives. Rather than an “awareness campaign” that could inadvertently suggest stigma, we advocate for education and understanding. But what are autism spectrum disorders? According to the World Health Organization, these are complex neurological and developmental disorders that affect communication, social interaction, behavior, learning development, and others.

Having said this, their community needs more than mere awareness of their condition, but the acceptance of it. They need a more active effort in pushing for an inclusive world free from judgment, discrimination, and isolation.

Celebrating Neurodiversity

What Autism Awareness Month

According to Harvard University, neurodiversity is the differences in how people think, learn, and behave, and “these differences are not viewed as deficits.” Every person with ASD experiences life differently. For example, an autistic person may have trouble communicating but excel in music and arts without taking lessons.

People with ASD can also develop exceptional strengths and unique talents but they need to have a safe space where they can hone their skills and overcome their struggles. 

What Autism Awareness Month Participation Looks Like

What Autism Awareness Month

Here are some examples of how you can show your support.

Volunteering with Autism Organizations

Offer your assistance to organizations by distributing informational materials, creating resources if you have proper training for them, manning booths in fundraising activities, writing petitions to your local government to provide more inclusive facilities, promoting employment opportunities for people with autism, or any other way you can help.

Supporting the Autism Community

You can create your support group for families with autistic children. You can also support businesses owned by or employed by people with autism. In this digital age, you can also show support by sharing stories or experiences on social media.

Learning More

What are the characteristics of autism? What are speech therapy exercises? How does speech therapy work? There is so much to learn about autism spectrum disorder. Take the initiative to learn through books, seminars, documentaries, and other resources.

Mylo Speech Buddy Takes the Extra Mile on Autism Awareness Month

Ultimately, Autism Acceptance Month aims to foster acceptance and understanding for people with autism and to advocate for inclusivity for neurodivergent individuals.

You can go the extra mile in terms of autism “awareness” through Mylo Speech Buddy. The Mylo Speech Buddy App is a tool that supports children on the spectrum with speech delays through a video modeling method. Having access to Mylo empowers parents and children as they progress their speech development journey at home. Learn more about the app here.