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what are speech delays and signs

What Are Speech Delays and Signs: A Guide to Support a Child’s Communication Development

It’s important to identify what are speech delays and signs to help determine what are speech therapy exercises that will work for children.

Speech delays refer to a child’s delay, or sometimes inability, to reach typical milestones in speech development according to their age. Is speech delay a sign of autism? No. It is a common developmental problem that is experienced by 10% of preschool children, according to AAFP. It manifests in various forms, so it’s important to identify what are speech delays and signs to help determine what are speech therapy exercises that will work for children. Continue reading the article to know more.

What are Speech Delays and Signs for Their Different Types?

what are speech delays and signs

Speech delays are associated with the ability to form sounds. Here are some common types of speech delays and their signs.

Articulation Disorder

Involves the difficulty in producing some speech sounds correctly because of the inability to coordinate the body parts (i.e., lips, tongue, teeth, palate, and lungs) required to produce a specific sound.

  • Lisping such as ‘s’ and ‘z’ sounds are pronounced with ‘th’ or ‘too’ instead of ‘zoo’
  • Replacing some sounds like ‘w’ for ‘r’ in the context of ‘wabbit’ instead of ‘rabbit’ or ‘f’ for ‘th’ like ‘teef’ instead of ‘teeth’

Phonological Disorder

The correct production of sounds individually but the difficulty in putting sounds together correctly to form words

  • Leaving off endings of words, like ‘cat’ becomes ‘ca’
  • Changing certain consonant sounds, like ‘go’ becomes ‘doe’
  • Saying only one syllable in a word, such as ‘baby’ becomes ‘bay’

Fluency Disorder (Stuttering)

The disruption of the normal flow, rhythm, or speed of speech 

  • Repetition of sounds, syllables, or words like ‘b-b-b-bottle’
  • Prolongation of sounds such as ‘sssssspoon’
  • Lip tremors
  • Pauses in speech
what are speech delays and signs

Language Delay

Language delays are associated with language comprehension and usage. These are the two major types of language delay and their signs:

Receptive Language Delay

Difficulty in understanding language or what others say

  • Inability to follow simple directions
  • Limited response to verbal cues
  • Seeming “lost” in conversations or activities

Expressive Language Delay

Difficulty in expressing thoughts, ideas, or feelings and in communicating verbally

  • Limited vocabulary for age
  • Using words incorrectly
  • Using simple sentences or short phrases

What Are Speech Therapy EXercises’ Role in Children with Speech Delay?

what are speech delays and signs

Identifying what are speech delays and signs in children is the first step in early intervention. The next step is knowing what are speech therapy exercises will work best for them. Speech therapy exercises help improve your child’s communication skills as early as its detection and will overall improve their quality of life. These exercises are targeted specifically to the needs of your child. It is best to work with a speech-language pathologist for the best course of treatment.

Mylo Speech Therapy to Support Children’s Communication Development

what are speech delays and signs

The Mylo app is a supportive tool for children with speech delays, particularly those with autism. Mylo speech therapy does not substitute professional treatment, but it provides a fun and engaging learning experience for your child that can easily be accessed with your device at home. Learn more about the Mylo app here.